RWS_Tarot_03_Empress    poker-card

The Empress in the Rider-Waite Tarot is one with nature, in fact, she is Nature. The woman on her throne is no more the Empress than the corn growing in front of her or the brook flowing through the forest. The Empress is the eternal force which breathes life into everything temporary.

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High Priestess

II  II  poker-card


If there is no limit to what you can receive, there is no limit to what the High Priestess can give you. Her wisdom comes from her being an open vessel for all the energy and wisdom available in the entire universe. In the Thoth Tarot, we see the High Priestess very much alive in the abundance of that energy, which apparantly comes from the moon and the stars. Her body is a receptacle, and she radiates the energy for whoever is aware of it. In the Rider-Waite, the High Priestess wears the same three phases of the moon as her crown, but the emphasis lies more on wisdom than on energy: she has the Tora (Tora-Taro) on her lap. Behind her we can glimpse the sea.

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magician   poker-card

What better way to make clear that the body of the Magician is a lightning conductor than this Rider-Waite image? Divine energy runs through him, making it possible for him to create anything he has set his mind to. He stands in a garden, which makes it easier for him to direct this energy, which is basically the energy of Nature. The four elements lie in front of him on the table, and in fact, he needs all four of them if he wants to pull it off. If his heart is not in it (cups-water), if he is not inspired (wands-fire), if his mind does not remain clear (swords-air) or if he loses his ground (pentacles-earth), he is not going to be succesful.

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RWS_Tarot_00_Fool    poker-card

To me the most beautiful and most powerful image of the Rider-Waite deck. What folly! What naive trust! No one knows where the Fool’s path leads. And does he care where it leads? The Fool is fully present, but he is not aware of that. He has a long way to go, but he is only here, now. He has to fall. Or will he jump?

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